General Info

  • The official languages of the Congress are Turkish and English.
  • The participation is free of charge.
  • Any person with a paper to submit to the Congress shall register his/her resume and an abstract in Turkish or English with 400 to 600 words that capture the subject, importance, methods, and references in the paper management system on our website. Check the topics here.
  • The transportation, accommodation and food expenses for those whose abstracts are approved and incorporated into the Scientific Program of the Congress shall be compensated by our organization.
  • Feel free to submit your questions and wishes about theĀ congress to us.

The 2nd Congress is planned to be organized with the main theme of “Archives in Rewriting of History” in cooperation with the Prime Ministry State Archives General Directorate and General Directorate of Land Registry Cadastre and other institutions.

As a part of the social responsibility, the Congress will unite college students majoring in archiving with the directors of the organizations that employ archivers, and provide a platform of discussions to offer solutions to occupational challenges. It is estimated that such discussions to be named as the Future Archivers will offer positive inputs for the archiving profession and help archivers prepare themselves for the employment in the business world.

In addition, the Congress is intended to gather states and institutions, which are equipped with the archives inherited from the Ottoman Empire, in line with the shared concepts of culture, history and civilization. This will be a major step to exchange and discuss our common values, and introduce them to the scientific world. The Congress will also assume a significant mission to cooperate with the attending states and organizations in joint training, technological development and archival practices, and launch a modern structure that meets the international standards for our authorities.